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Champagne Alain Suisse Cumières

Rosé Extra Brut

The intensity of Rosé

The Cuvée Rosé Extra Brut is an intense and blooming wine on the nose and has a clean attack, accompanied by red fruits on the palate. It is an intensely colored Rosé with radiant aromas of very ripe red and black fruits, the signature of Pinot Noir of Cumières, the exclusive grape variety of the cuvée. On the palate, the finish is deep, deliciously tangy, greedy and endless. Very good length in the mouth.

The terroirs used are Cumières and Hautvillers.

The vine was worked without chemical weedkillers and without insecticides.

The vinification method is malolactic fermentation without filtration and without chilling.

The wine remained 18 months in a traditional Champagne cellar.

The tirage was made in April 2020.

Its sugar dosage is 4 grams of sugar per liter (Extra Brut).

The degree of alcohol is 12.50°.

100% Pinot Noir including 9% red wine vinified in barrels.

Composition :

0% Chardonnay - 0% Meunier - 100% Noir

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