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Champagne Alain Suisse Cumières

The Vineyards

The Slopes of Cumières

Cumières and its slopes represent one of the most beautiful geographical locations in Champagne. Here lies the Champagne landscape in its excellence.
Champagne Alain Suisse Cumières

Woods, vineyards, the village below and its Marne river. The soil on the slopes of Cumières is composed of chalk which ensures the vineyard a fair balance between drainage and humidity.
In summer, the chalk that emerges soaks up the heat of the sun, allowing the grapes to reach maturity. The result is early harvesting on the Cumières terroir.

It is mainly here, in Cumières, that Alain Suisse cultivates his vines in an increasingly responsible way in order to obtain exceptional wines.

Champagne Alain Suisse